About Elaine

I live in the north side of Chicago in a cozy 2 story flat with my loving husband Art and our 10 year old bichon frise named Mikka. I am a Detroit native and made my big move 12 years ago to Chicago while working as an Account Manager with one of the largest Automotive Corporations. I also worked in the banking and electronic distribution industries.

Being first generation Filipino American in the 70’s, I grew up in a household with huge filipino influences with a mix of retro American traditions. Going to local flea markets, garage sales, taking drives to Michigan’s finest apple cider mills, and the love for Motown, Elvis (my Dad’s Idol), and the classics, played a big role in my upbringing.

Aside from being a girly girl and loving everything pink and pinstripes, my first recollection of liking things antique, vintage, and classy was when I first set foot in Victoria Secret’s store during the mid 80’s/early 90’s. It was not the lingerie I raved about, I swooned over the victorian feel of the decor, stationery, perfumes, and even classical music that use to play overhead. Another recollection was vacationing in California in the early 90’s, walking along the Santa Monica Pier and drooled over the prettiness of Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic furniture store. Although I never collected, I always lived in vintage inspired homes and had a knack for antique furniture.  I did not start collecting until 2010, when I planned my wedding. Chicago is HUGE when it comes to so much history, inspiration, and plenty of communities that support small independent businesses.

Being a crafter at heart, I dug my nose into everything – from rubber-stamping, scrapbooking, bookbinding, greeting card creation, letterpress, and web design. I own an old 1914 (or older) Chandler and Price platen letterpress and also create invitations and greeting cards on my spare time. I dabbed into starting a business with these hobbies but it fizzled out real fast. Being one of the first vintage rental business owners of Chicago made me realize that starting your own business is NOT easy as people think it is.

I believe that life is about creating yourself and trying things out to learn from those experiences. As you see, I tried them all and come to realize how much I have a passion for collecting and sharing my one-of-a-kind pieces with YOU!