Hello there and welcome back to SBDvr blog! It is so nice to see you and hope you drop in more often.

After months, maybe years of being silent, I’ve been thinking alot about why blogging is so important for my business. Yea yea, I’ve watched webinars, listened to marketing experts, and follow social media advice etc. but to tell you the truth, for those that do not know me, I am not a writer, nor do I have a marketing or english degree, and once again, from my previous post, I am bad at spelling and grammar.  I even tinkered around hiring a ghostwriter – but I figure the time spent telling them the story, I could’ve published an entry.  I asked my husband – although he is a chemist- he admits that he is worse than me.  After this so-called “blog smog”, I thought the best stories to share, along with keeping my followers engaged, is to tell short stories of my inventory. When I look for pieces I naturally ask the seller the obvious; for example, who was the owner, how long have they owned the item, and if there was significance to the piece.  Based on those facts, I will share those stories with you and how they became part of the SBDvr family.

Meet Ophelia the orange sofa. She was one of the first members that joined our SBDvr family. While doing research, building my sofa inventory was on top of my priority list. Ideally, I aimed to have 4 sofas before launching my website. 2+ years later, I currently have about 7. And the story of Ophelia continues… Last minute I decided to go to an estate sale – My eyes were set on a velvet blush settee, which is very similar to Penelope the french Louis settee. The seller was selling it for a ridiculous amount of money. I kept my composure and did a walk through the rest of the house in case I pick up some vintage frames, vases, doilies, etc. In the back of the house was a small porch – it was packed with a dusty old entertainment center, an asian influenced dining table (it looked like it weighed a ton) and hidden against the other side of the wall was an orange sofa underneath some large paintings. I couldn’t see her in full but was intrigued by the color and the detail of the arm. I casually asked the seller to contact me the end of the day if no one picks up the settee or the sofa – no expectations.  A few hours later – at the close of the estate sale, I hear the phone ring – it was the seller. She tells me the settee has been sold but the orange sofa is still available for 75% off the selling price! For some reason, even though I did not see the full body of the sofa, I asked about her condition and was told that she has been sitting in the back just collecting dust for 15 years but in good condition with a few dark spots under the cushions.  I didn’t hesitate and picked her up by dragging one of my coworkers with me. The seller ended up being the niece of the owner of the home who passed of old age and natural causes. Ophelia has been waiting patiently for 15 years to come out and mingle with the world. She definately has impressed not only myself but everyone that meets her.  If I hadn’t picked her up they would’ve donated her to a local charity. With that being said, Ophelia would be honored to hang out at your special event. Let us help create your Happily Ever After. Contact us for a proposal.


Hi friends, as you see I am guilty for not updating my blog – yes yes yes, you can reward me for being the worse blogger of the year. I feel bad for neglecting it but at the same time I have good news to share!

For almost a year of having my furniture crammed in a 1 car garage, we finally moved to an 800 square feet garage/storage. The spot is just enough to fit my props along with a photography wall that will be used by my partner in crime, Ari from Chykalophia.com – stationery and web design. We plan to create some shelves for both of our smalls and and a heavy duty one for our chairs and sofas – nothing too complex but something that will give us more room and being organized.

I will upload photos as we progress along with some photos of the past 5-6 events that has passed since my last update.

Back to my real job tomorrow from a nice long Labor Day Weekend.

Good Night



We didn’t realize how 2 Weddings and 1 Photo shoot in one weekend can be so much fun and exciting! At the end of it all, my husband and I felt like our bodies got hit by a train…So, if you ask me if we would ever do it again, heck yea!

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. – Diana and Adam on their Friday Wedding at Ignite, 6/14/13.  Lacy the settee and both the musician chairs were very honored to spend the day with you!  We heard they had a wonderful time…

Check out some of the casual photos we took of the venue prior to the set up. This blog is intended for set ups and the before and after effects. Professional photos will be loaded in the gallery shortly.

Venue: Ignite | Coordinator and Designer: Lil Epic Designs


On April 20,2013 I had the honor of hosting one of my close friend’s Wedding Shower. It was quite a ride to get there but throughout the challenges that I came across, all I wanted was for the Bride and Groom to enjoy and cherish every moment of their special day. Love you Genevieve and Richie

The Groom-to-Be is swooning over the decor at their Wedding Shower.




As you see it’s obvious that I am not a blogger. Perhaps someone out there can give me some tips on how to discipline myself when it comes to this stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about FBing, IGing, PINning, and all things relating to social media but I am the worst when it comes to posting stories. I struggle with words and I am not ashamed to say that my grammar isn’t the greatest either. At any rate, please forgive me and let’s carry on.

Last week we were blessed to have a beautiful and picturesque day. After a long dreadful winter, it was the first time my furniture was able to play outside. I am very grateful for those that took part of this photo shoot – it seemed so surreal putting it all together.     I’m glad to have work with such amazing talents – you know who you are. We definitely will keep in contact for future events.

Shadowbox Dreams 16
Shadowbox Dreams 4

The Team

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