About Shadow Box Dreams

Elaine went down a few different paths in life until she found her way home. It was a house filled with many stories of love and hope. As she stands in the middle of the room she finds herself surrounded by treasures she picked along the way. Each item represents a person in a different lifetime who cherished and held sentimental memories close to their hearts. She particularly sets her eyes on a beautiful gold Victorian sofa with intricate carved wood trimmings and reminisced on how this played a huge role in 2011, the day she married her best friend and love of her life, Art. The sofa, which she named Gladys, is known to be one of her greatest inspirations toward making her dreams come true. The name Shadow Box Dreams was established because of Elaine’s obsession with shadow box picture frames.

SBDvr is a vintage furniture rental company in Chicago.  They strive to recreate the past with our vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces yet adding a modern twist. Shadow Box Dreams will create the ambiance so you can experience a lifetime of precious moments cherished for years to come. Let SBDvr help make your dreams come true.


Elaine Juridico

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